Kill in Volleyball: Explained (Quick)

A kill is the most important shot in volleyball, where a player strikes an attacking shot that results in an immediate point for their team. Here’s what is a kill in volleyball and how to perform it successfully…

What is a Kill in Volleyball?

A kill shot in volleyball is an aggressive hit that is intended to score an immediate point for the attacking team. It is usually done close to the net and on the opponent’s side of the court.

The goal of a kill shot is to send the ball deep into the opponent’s court with such force and accuracy that it cannot be returned. With the perfect combination of technique, power and accuracy, a kill shot can be an extremely powerful weapon in a volleyball match.

The volleyball rules state that a kill shot can only be executed by an attacking player. It cannot be done when the defensive team is in control of the ball, and it must travel over the net on the first strike. A kill shot also has to land within the boundaries of the court for it to count as successful.

Types of Kills in Volleyball:

outside hitter jumping

When it comes to kills in volleyball, there are several variations that can be executed. The most common kill shots in the game are:

  1. Spike
  2. Block
  3. Tip
  4. Dink

1. Spike kill:

A spike kill is the most aggressive attacking shot, and it involves a player jumping up as high as they can in an attempt to hit the ball over the net with power. This shot is usually done at the front of the court, close to the net. You’ll need to have good timing, technique and power to execute a successful spike kill.

2. Block kill:

This type of kill is usually done at the back of the court, where blockers try to intercept an opponent’s attack by blocking it back into their court. Block kills are difficult to achieve as they require excellent timing and accuracy, but they can be an effective way to score points.

3. Tip kill:

A tip kill is a deceptive shot that is done by gently tapping the ball over the net and into an open area of the court. It requires excellent timing and accuracy, as well as knowledge of your opponent’s movements. Tips are usually done at the front or back of the court.

4. Dink kill:

A dink kill is a soft touch shot that is done close to the net, usually in an attempt to catch an opponent off guard. It requires excellent control and accuracy in order to be successful, as well as good knowledge of the other team’s defence.

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How To Perform a Kill Shot?

Volleyball Player Jumping

To perform a successful kill in volleyball, there are several key steps you’ll need to follow:

1. Get into Position: Before attempting a kill shot, make sure you’re in the right position on the court. Depending on the type of kill shot you plan to do, you may need to be close to the net or at the back of the court. You should also ensure that you have the correct footwork and body positioning for the shot.

2. Anticipate Your Opponent: Be aware of your opponent’s movements and anticipate where they will be standing when you make your attack. This will help you to hit the ball accurately and with enough power to send it over the net.

3. Hit the Ball Hard: When performing a kill shot, you need to hit the ball with as much power as possible. Focus on good technique and form, and use your whole body to generate power when striking the ball.

4. Aim for Open Areas: When attempting a kill shot, aim for an open area of the court that is not defended by any players. This will give you a greater chance of success, as the ball is unlikely to be returned.

5. Follow Through: When you make contact with the ball, it’s important that you follow through with your arm and body movement. This will help to add power and accuracy to your shot and increase the chances of it reaching its target.

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Tips To Improve Your Kill Shot:

To help you become an effective kill-shot player, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. As with any skill, the key to mastering a kill shot is practice. Spend time perfecting your technique and aiming for different areas of the court.
  2. Be aware of your opponent’s defensive tactics and try to anticipate their movements. This will help you aim for open spaces and make it easier to score points.
  3. Work on your power and accuracy. You’ll need to be able to hit the ball hard and accurately in order to score points.
  4. Focus on good body positioning when you make contact with the ball. This will help increase the speed and accuracy of your shot.
  5. Finally, remember that a kill shot is all about timing.

Common Mistakes When Attempting a Kill Shot:

When attempting a kill shot, there are some common mistakes that players make. To avoid these errors, try to remember the following:

  • Be aware of your court positioning and don’t stand too close or too far away from the net when making an attack.
  • Don’t hit the ball too hard as this will result in an error.
  • Make sure the ball travels over the net on the first strike, otherwise, it will be counted as an illegal attack.
  • Always aim for an open area of the court and avoid trying to hit the ball through a crowded space.
  • Finally, make sure you follow through on your shot so that you can generate enough power and accuracy.

Practicing kill shots can be an incredibly rewarding experience, and with the right technique and practice you can master them in no time.


Kill shots are a vital part of volleyball, and they can be an incredibly effective way to score points. To execute them successfully, you need to master the technique and practice it until you have perfect form. With patience and dedication, you’ll soon become an expert at hitting kill shots.