How Much Do Volleyball Shoes Cost?

Navigating the world of sports equipment can be a dizzying endeavour, with so many options, brands, and price ranges to choose from. When it comes to volleyball, one essential piece of gear stands out—the shoes. But just how much do volleyball shoes cost? The answer is not as straightforward as you might think.

In this article, I’ll dive into the various factors that determine the cost of volleyball shoes…

Are volleyball shoes worth it?

After analyzing 7,013 products, I found volleyball shoes typically cost anywhere between $43 to $235, with an average price of around $119. Now, This price can vary significantly based on brand, design, features, and where you buy them. However, some limited edition shoes were about $3,759 on eBay.

To understand the broad price range, it’s essential to consider several factors.

Firstly, brand reputation plays a significant role. Popular volleyball brands like Asics, Mizuno, and Adidas price their volleyball shoes towards the higher end.

Secondly, the design and features of the shoes also effect the price. Advanced features such as GEL cushioning systems, flexible uppers, superior traction outsoles, and lightweight construction can push the price higher.

Furthermore, limited editions or shoes endorsed by professional athletes can also command premium prices.

Lastly, where you buy your shoes can also influence the cost. Purchasing directly from the brand’s website or specialized sports retailers might be more expensive than buying from discount or online platforms.

Why Volleyball Shoes are Expensive?

Volleyball shoes are expensive due to the high-quality materials, specialized design, and advanced technology used in their manufacture. These aspects are essential to meet the specific requirements of this sport and ensure player safety.

Keep in mind, volleyball is a demanding sport that requires quick lateral movements, jumps, and sudden stops. Therefore, shoes designed for volleyball need to have excellent grip, superior cushioning, and ankle support to prevent injuries. They also need to be breathable and lightweight for player comfort.

The incorporation of these advanced features and technologies necessitates high-quality materials and precise manufacturing processes, thus driving up the cost.

Additionally, branding also plays a role in pricing. Popular brands like ASICS, Mizuno, and Adidas, known for their quality and innovation, often price their products higher. While these shoes may seem expensive, their durability, performance-enhancing features, and injury prevention characteristics often justify the investment.

How Much Do Beginner Volleyball Shoes Cost?

Kids Volleyball player

I’ve also found entry-level volleyball shoes typically cost between $43 and $100. The price depends on the brand and specific features, but these shoes are generally more affordable than professional-grade models.

As beginners are just getting started, their shoes need not have all the advanced features and technologies that professional players might require. These shoes should offer basic functionality, like good grip, adequate cushioning, and proper fit.

Despite being entry-level, they should still provide a degree of comfort and support to prevent injury. Brands like ASICS, Mizuno, and Adidas offer beginner-level shoes at competitive prices.

How Much Do Professional Volleyball Shoes Cost?

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During my analysis, I found professional volleyball shoes usually cost between $139 to $235 or more for special editions. These higher prices are due to the advanced features and superior materials used in these shoes, which are designed to meet the demands of professional play.

These pro volleyball shoes are a significant investment because they are packed with advanced technologies to enhance performance and ensure the player’s safety. They typically offer superior grip, exceptional cushioning, and excellent breathability, essential for high-intensity matches.

Brands like ASICS, Mizuno, and Adidas are known for their professional-grade shoes, with their price reflecting the quality, durability, and innovative design elements they offer. While these shoes are pricier, the investment can be justified by the improved performance and reduced risk of injury they provide.

Where Can You Buy Volleyball Shoes?

Volleyball shoes can be purchased from a variety of sources including sporting goods stores, department stores, brand-specific retail outlets, and online marketplaces like Amazon, Zappos, and the websites of shoe manufacturers.

However, some stores offer the advantage of trying on shoes before purchasing, which is crucial for finding the right fit and comfort level. Speciality volleyball retailers, both physical and online, provide a wider variety of options tailored specifically to the sport.

Online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay offer competitive pricing and the convenience of shopping from home. Brand websites also sell their products directly, providing information on their latest technologies and designs.

When purchasing online, it’s essential to pay close attention to sizing charts and customer reviews to ensure proper fit.


Volleyball shoes are an essential investment for anyone serious about the sport. Their pricing varies based on the brand, design, and features, but the cost often reflects the quality and performance enhancement they offer. However, when buying them always prioritize fit, comfort, and support.

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